A Personal Story - To all the Mommas

I am a member of a Mommas Facebook group that I am sure many of you belong to – if not this exact one than one just like it - and I am continually inspired daily by all of the stories, and what this community does to take care of and support one another.

As a mom of two teens and a tween I am on the tail end of most of the communication that occurs on this site but I am ever so impressed by the knowledge and insight that is shared.  I am touched by the warmth and caring for each other, many of whom have never met in person, but clearly are passionate about providing support and sharing resources and information.

When my oldest first started exhibiting early signs of autism that were identified as behavioral problems by an inexperienced pre-school teacher, I know that this community would have given me the leads that took me years (and much heartbreak) to find.  And the same for my middle son when he developed what is called Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome as he vomited 30 + times a day, and it took over a year to diagnose him with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and get him the correct treatment.  I watch for any of these signs in your posts - and you are all getting and giving such great advice. I am thrilled to be able to contribute when I think that I have a piece of knowledge that saved my family that has not yet been shared by some other amazing Momma (shout outs to early intervention - and the Child Mind Institute!).  You (We) have all been through so much as Mommas – but how incredible that we have each other and the passion that we all share for this community and our journey together.

As many of you know I am driven by this sense of community and what we women can do together.  One of my favorite quotes that I use often on my website is from Women for Women International Programme Director of the DC, Christine Karumba: “One woman can change anything. Many women can change everything.”  We don’t often understand the power that we have individually, but we definitely understand when we are part of such an amazing community, the power that we have together.  So thank you to all the Mommas and friends that are part of and support this community – you are truly amazing.