Introducing our story

I am extremely grateful to be in this incredible journey and excited to share our story.  It began when I met the most wonderful man who is now my husband.  We have an amazing story - as James and Anne.

Seven years ago, I was a single mom of three young kids in NYC.  I had worked in retail merchandising for many years and was grateful to have been employed through most of the crisis that sent retail on such a downward spiral – and as tough as things got, I was hence lucky enough to be able to provide a roof over our heads and never go without food or basic necessities.  I was happy, lucky in so many ways – to have three amazing babies, and to be able to provide. I had wonderful friends and family, worked for great people at good companies and thus had a strong community and support group.  Only one thing was missing – a partner to love and to share my life with.

Chris and I met and instantly had a connection.  We had an incredibly romantic beginning, I have never met a man that I was so drawn to and who was so doting and adoring – it was an experience that I now understand is what every couple should have, one that I teach my children that they deserve.  It is as important as air and water.  It takes work and nurturing, like everything that is worth having in life but brings more happiness than is imaginable.

Beyond all of the special things that we share, we both love traveling and share the desire to experience as much of the world as possible.  Chris and I have seen some beautiful places and some not so beautiful, but all fabulous cultures that have been eye opening and educational.  One of the reasons that I originally wanted to work in retail was to be able to travel, to learn about different cultures, and experience the art that people in different communities create.  It is my dream to be able to experience and support these communities and to share their stories and their beauty.

Our first trip together was the birth of James and Anne.  Chris and I both grew up with parents that called us by our middle names - We are James Christopher and Anne Elise, or Chris and Elise as our parents and friends have always called us.  When we travel however, we become James and Anne.  And as James and Anne, we are excited to share these stories and the beautiful things that we find and are touched by in our travels.