Jewelry with a Cause

I have been having some amazing conversations lately with likeminded purpose driven people who are inspiring me and bringing me great hope at the same time.   

For so many years I was in environments where we had to “drive sales” and it was always at the expense of people.  People in the companies that I worked for, people that made the products, and people that had to live in the environments that suffered as a result of the manufacturing process.  I have always believed that this is not necessary, but rather that we can work together to create businesses that make money to help people and to strengthen our communities. 

I also believe that women have a power that has been misunderstood for far too long.  We are carers at heart and strive for peace.  This does not mean that we are weak, but rather that we are strong enough to endure pain and challenge, and to still see the good in the world.  We understand that together we can create joy and happiness.  We don’t have to live in a world of fear and hate.  The more that we can teach and support each other, the more safety and vulnerability that we share, the more we can strengthen our communities and our world. 

This purpose is why I founded Penelope’s Stories – Jewelry with a Cause - to help women gain independence and strengthen their communities through education, skills and wellness through the product that I carry, my charitable contributions from every sale, and my community work teaching yoga, breathing and meditation.