James & Anne

“One woman can change anything. Many women can change everything.”

Our Collection is built on the idea that together we are strong women, and strong women —both individually, but particularly in networks—can help other women become stronger. We work with talented women around the world who influence our designs based on their stories and experiences. In return we are donating from our sales to support their education so that they can use their skills to be independent and to provide for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Jewelry, like people, has personality and needs to be modulated to suit the moment. There are the quiet, discreet pieces that can work in any situation, and then there are the more exuberant pieces, that need to be brought out with discernment. Our signature collection has been created with timeless style in mind: classic pieces that translate well in any situation, from the professional to the social, the serious to the frivolous, the casual to the indulgent. Each of these pieces manages to be contemporary while paying homage to enduring elegance. They look good; they should make you feel good; they’ll let your personality speak for itself; and they will help you tell your story.