Pyrite matte black onyx bracelet

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Mala beads have been used in Buddhism and Hinduism for centuries in meditation and prayer.  Much like a rosary, the beads are used to count while reciting a mantra or breathing in meditation. The number of beads is typically 108 or a divisible number to represent our energy lines to the heart chakra.  Each stone or bead has a power to support your intention and to enhance confidence.

Our bracelets and necklaces are to be worn for their beauty and their ability to encourage a calmer mind, body and soul.

Gleaming Pyrite brings good fortune as Black Matte Onyx improves intuition.

- Onyx – endurance, perseverance, grounding
- Pyrite – reflection, prosperity, clarity
- Lotus - new beginnings, infinite potential
 - 7 1/4" Diameter