Penelope’s Stories is a jewelry collection that is as much about the creators and the wearers as it is about the product. It is a collection built on and committed to the idea of sharing: stories, experiences, goals, and opportunity, as well as beautiful things.


Penelope’s Stories grew out of the belief that there is a special connection between beautiful jewelry, captivating stories, and committed women. I have always felt that pieces of jewelry can have an almost mystical power, and that a significant part of this derives from their histories—their stories—which are in turn about people, ideas, inspiration, hard work, challenge, and purpose.

I wanted to create a collection that is not just about beautiful things, but just as much about their stories. When we share stories, we connect with each other and we share meaning. Stories bring together our different voices and experiences; they unite us through shared paths of creativity and resourcefulness. And because sharing creates strength, I saw the opportunity to do something with meaning on multiple levels, something that is as much about empowering women as it is about wearing pretty things.

Penelope’s Stories symbolizes an idea: a connectivity between women, as well as between women and jewelry. It is a commitment to helping build opportunity for women around the world. It is a celebration of the power of passion and the rewards of endeavor.

Finally, I am proud to share some of the goals of Women for Women International, an organization committed to helping change the lives of women around the globe, by providing essentials and skills that enable them to be self-sufficient and build stronger, healthier communities.



Finding a name isn’t an easy thing. I wanted a name with meaning; it needed a special emotional resonance.

Penelope is my daughter’s name. She is a free spirit, a shining sunbeam who sees the best in everything. It is also the name of one of my childhood mentors, a Penelope of beauty, poise, and elegance whose sharp intelligence and steely resolve exemplified female potential in general, and inspired me to believe specifically in my own.

There is of course another famous Penelope: the stoical wife of Odysseus. Much more than a loyal and faithful wife, this Penelope was a woman of extraordinary strength, fortitude and resourcefulness, qualities that I wanted to inform my brand at all levels.

I hope that Penelope will come to be seen as a name that represents a little of all of us. Her stories are our stories. Not only the stories of the designers who create the beautiful pieces we love to wear, but your stories, and mine. And they are constantly evolving.